The Script Library: New and Improved

Well, not new really, but definitely improved ;)

When you visit the Script Library at you’ll see that it matches the layout of the site as expected and the scripts that were on the old one are indeed carried forward to this new release of the service. What you’ll also find is that we are leveraging GoogleConnect for credentials in the ScriptLibrary.

To make things easier on everyone, we eliminated the need for a site/support account, but for the ScriptLibrary we really do need a personal account to pull it off. We started to dabble in GoogleConnect here and have leveraged that here for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason is you don’t have to create a new account! You can use your existing Google, Twitter or Facebook account instead of having to manage an additional account.

So it is up and running now and we’d love for you to check it out and let us know what you think. Thank you in advance!


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