When is ASE 4.0 to be released?

First off, despite the delay since our last official release, it is important for us to convey there has been no time taken off in the development of ASE. There have been a number of set-backs and problems that have contributed delay in the release of v4.0 but you can see our progress in the beta releases currently available. As of this posting we have released a second beta and are planning to release a third in the near future.

ASE 4.0 includes some significant “under the hood” changes which will become most visible when you see the new ScriptSense (available for PowerShell in the current beta and for VBScript in beta 3). The new ScriptSense is a big leap forward providing support for COM, .NET and enumerated types for starters.

What is iTripoli doing for its customers as a result of these delays? No matter what happens behind the scenes it has always been a paramount concern of ours that we keep everyone as happy as possible. To that end, you will notice we have made huge changes in our maintenance renewal pricing which went from 75% of total cost to only 25% of total cost. We also don’t want anyone to be left out in the cold when it comes to getting their hands on ASE 4, so if you should try to use ASE 4 and find your maintenance will not allow it, we will provide a free maintenance extension of up to three months to ensure eligibility. Of course, we’d prefer you support us in purchasing our reduced-cost maintenance packages, but we want you to know you are a valued customer and it is important you are happy with us. To obtain this extension, simply open a ticket requesting it along with your license details via our support center.

As a result of the many unforeseen issues we have faced in this release, it is now clear that our earlier projections were optimistic. Therefore we are unwilling to make the same mistake and provide a date for when ASE 4 will be released. What we can tell you with confidence and excitement is that we are making good progress in our dream of taking ASE to a new level with this release and your feedback on the beta releases (along with our own QA efforts) will dictate when we feel it is ready for general release. We are hopeful that beta 3 will be the final beta and we can go from there to release, but as we are keenly aware we cannot see the future, that is the extent of the commitment we are willing to make at this time.

How can you help us with a strong release?

  1. Try the beta release and give us your valuable feedback!
  2. Let us know what languages and features you care about in our simple survey so we can keep our resources focused on what matters most to you. Find the survey on the ASE Today page when running Admin Script Editor, or in the sidebar of our solutions page online.

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