A Note To Customers Regarding ASE v4.0

This is not the update we wanted to write, but an update is necessary no matter what the news. We’ve had bad luck (drive failures, failed backups, etc.), we’ve had personal issues (key personnel unavailable for extended periods), and as you may expect some development issues which we continue to fight through. It’s been one step forward, two steps back for the last few months. We are working the issues necessary for a solid release. We won’t release even another beta that is not a significant step forward and it is that necessary stubbornness that has contributed largely to the delays in the release of v4.0.

If you can and wish to support us, by all means please do update your maintenance. You’ll note that maintenance costs have been dropped significantly from 75% to now only 25% of the cost of a full license. However, it is important to us as a company that everyone be happy and those that have been with us over the years have seen us be fair with licensing to an extreme. In that tradition, we are saying to you our cherished, paying customer– YOU NEED NOT RENEW YOUR LICENSE UNTIL WE SHIP 4.0.

If your maintenance is expired at the time we release v4.0 we will honor your renewal at that time without penalty. In fact, when 4.0 ships you will be able to extend maintenance on any version 3.0 license.

So if you have concerns, we understand. What we can tell you is that we are commited to seeing v4.0 released at any cost. And in further understanding of these concerns, you need not renew your license until v4.0 is released from beta (at which time you will have up to three months to renew).

We will be sending emails of news, but please follow us on facebook or twitter to help ensure you get the long awaited word when we can finally give it.

Thank you again for your understanding, your patience and you loyalty.


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