ASE Goes Free

We are deeply grateful to those that have supported iTripoli and Admin Script Editor (ASE) through the years.  For most of those years we have taken what profits were realized from the sale of ASE and put it right back into the product. Many are aware that our last release did not go smoothly and compounding our decision to close up shop is that this niche industry of script editors has languished in recent years. While no free tools approach ASE in form or function, the introduction of free tools that offer bits of similar features severely hurt the perception and relevancy of paid scripting products.

We reduced prices, gave free maintenance extensions, etc. in an effort to be as fair as possible to our customers. Knowing it was not a profitable effort, we continued to work hard for a long time to address the bugs that have plagued the 4.0 release for so long. We decided that with the scripting tool market what it is, it just wouldn’t be good business to sell ASE 4.0 and are instead opting to make it available to everyone free of charge. This final release requires no activation or license information.

The home for this final, free version of Admin Script Editor 4.0 will be at Here you can register for a free account to download it and may leverage ITNinja’s Q&A and blog features to share problems and solutions not just on ASE itself, but also on the topic of scripting.

While iTripoil is no more, its creators Steve and Bob continue to work together, but not on anything serious as you’ll see at


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